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Custom Winegrowing

NW Wine Company allows for an individual, business or any interested party to delve into the winemaking world without having had any prior experience. Whether your business is looking for quality Pinot Noir bottled under its own brand or you’ve always dreamed of making your own wine; our passionate team will be able to provide a suitable solution for you.

63 Brands

Together, our winemakers currently curate over sixty different brands. Such a task requires a high degree of management skill as well as flexibility in winemaking style in order to meet the specific needs of each client. At NW Wine Co., this is achieved with ease.

Carefully Crafting Perfection

Through our longstanding relationships with vineyards all over Oregon and Washington, we source the best fruit possible to craft your ideal wine. Our large facility allows fermentation to take place in a variety of vessels and with our top-to-tail bottling, labelling, and packaging plant, we provide you with peace of mind that each and every detail pertaining to your project is managed with utmost care.